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September 26, 2012

CREACHER  on Prayer in Schools
The following might make me sound like a heretic, but I am not a proponent of returning organized prayer to schools. The reason is really simple. In our pluralistic society, who knows what kinds of idol worship our kids would be subjected to on a daily basis all in the name of fairness. I think there are some other things we may want to consider instead. First, raise your kids to be believers and to be bold in their prayer life. Students still have a lot of religious rights in the schools, we have to help them to know what they are. We need to teach them to be salt and light in their classes. We need to be teaching our kids to pray in the home and we have to generously fund strong youth ministry in our churches.

Then there is a touchier subject and I know this will bother some. I apologize in advance but I have to pose this question. Do we really expect the schools to get any more Christ-like if we pull all the Christian kids into Christian schools and homeschool? In a world where 80% of all people who will ever receive Christ will do it by the age of 18 is that really the best way to be the light of the world? Needless to say, I know that decision is intensely personal and this is in no way a put-down. I’m just asking.