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October 14, 2013

I know this one is a little dicey especially for someone who tries to honor God and stay apolitical, but I think this is a struggle for us all. On one hand we are commanded to pray for our leaders no matter if we agree with them or not. On the other hand in the U.S. we get to elect our leaders. How do we respond to our leaders when we disagree, knowing we’ve been blessed with the ability to replace them? This is what I am wrestling with. The Affordable Care Act has a great possibility to adversely affect my family. Some will say have you read the whole law? No and neither have you, since it is literally longer than the Bible filled with legal speak that would make King James English a breeze to comprehend in comparison. In response, the congress has shut down government which in itself is creating mayhem.

In this midst of this, White House and Congressional Staff are deemed essential while some other folks who really are essential are being furloughed. I have come to wonder if our elected officials had their staff furloughed and had to do their own menial labor if they would not have a bit more incentive to get this problem solved. World War II veterans were blocked from going to their open air monument while the mall was opened to protestors in support of illegal immigration. I have to admit I am flummoxed and haven’t a clue, so I go back to Scripture, and think I have found a life lesson.

Every year around election time there is a near messianic fervor around candidates as we fight and yell and scream and defriend our friends on Facebook over these people and this is the result we get. I guess what I’m saying is there is only one Messiah and the rest of these people are flawed human beings. While we certainly should cast our votes for the best candidate, Jesus is where our nation should place its hope. We should pray for our leaders because they can’t do this without God and more importantly because God commanded us to pray for them at the time when Nero was the world leader (and none of these guys is that bad).

God has entrusted us with the ability to cast our votes for our leaders. That is a huge privilege many people throughout history did not have. Our founding document says that governments derive their just power from the consent of the governed. To some degree they serve at our pleasure, (though more importantly God’s pleasure) and so when they do things to which we do not or cannot consent, we may act to replace them, what we can never do is disrespect them.

I don’t really like what they’re doing right now, but I don’t really know how to do it better, so I pray… How about you?