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May 23, 2013


Jesus never promised us an easy walk, he promised to be with us through the tough times!

Creacher Feacher Challenge: Carry


Coming off a really rough weekend, that left me dumbfounded and baffled with lots of questions. I thank God for my faith. Sometimes you just need Jesus to carry you through. Your prayers would be appreciated. I have decisions to make

July 4, 2012

CREACHER Fourth of July
Of course you can love Jesus and America, just keep them in the right order!

Happy Fourth of July!
Happy Birthday America! You are a gift from God!

May 26, 2012

CREACHER Atheism Requires too Much Faith
When I look at the complexity of the world and everything in it, the thought that it all happened by accident seems to require way too much faith. It’s far easier to believe that the universe is the creation of an amazing and superior mind. That mind’s name is Jesus.