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Creacher is Back

My web comic Creacher, has been on hiatus for a little while now while I finished other studies and projects, but I have now brought it back. It will be a while til it is totally up to speed but here is the first one.

I’ve heard several people on social media of late talking about some very different views of the Bible. Some of them were actually somewhat alarming, seeing as how they came not from people who don’t claim to believe the Bible, but from church leaders. I decided to create something to challenge this view.

No I Didn’t Fall Off the Face of the Earth

I’ve been working on a lot of art, using different creachers to tell other stories.
I hope you like this. It’s part of a series on the topic of gratitude.

Runnin’ AMOK

My creative arts speaking ministry AMOKArts is a real passion of mine. I love using art to spread the Gospel and encourage people to use their gifts to serve others and make a difference in our world. One of my dreams for this ministry is to do a coast to coast tour. That is what this piece is all about. If you know a church that would like to host me, please contact me at

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October 1, 2012

CREACHER on Cause and Effect
I decided to give you a behind the scenes view on how a CREACHER cartoon is made. This one is called Cause and Effect. It’s inspiration comes from numerous stories I’ve heard recently in the media and other places. They were very diverse and yet they all had one thing in common. In every case blame was being thrown at someone else. parents, strangers, society, even God. That’s usually not the case. In some cases we are just getting splattered by the effects of living in a broken world, but in more cases than not, the story behind the story is one of cause and effect. Understanding cause and effect is crucial. We feed cause with our choices and effect comes back to bite us. We don’t dare interpret this for others, that’s called being judgmental, but it is vital that we interpret cause and effect for ourselves.