Toons from a New CREACHER!

Welcome Back to Creacher

I know it’s been a long time since I posted here, but I am back. I’ve spend the last year really working on my speaking, some new art books and a whole bunch of other things. I’m changing the focus of the page slightly. While I will still be posting cartoons and memes and some faith-based stuff, I am also going to be posting some of the comic/pop art I am currently really into creating. You see from my earliest memories, I have loved building models and making art. As a child, my grandmother used to take me to an auction/flea market and she would always take me to the hobby shop and buy me models. I really loved the art on the race cars. There was also a t-shirt shop in the same area and they always had these amazing Ed Roth/George Barris inspired designs with the huge engines and the monster drivers grabbing the shifter right through the roof of the car. I loved that stuff and I still do.

I’ve started creating my own. Over the next few days You will see some of that stuff here. I’m having a blast creating it. An I hope you enjoy it. So welcome or welcome back. Let’s have some fun!

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